Have you gotten a summons or been arrested for a driving offense? 
Did you know that some moving violations are CRIMINAL offenses.... If convicted, you may be fined, your driver's license may be suspended or even revoked under some circumstances....and your car insurance premiums are very likely to increase?
If you do get a moving violation summons, you have choices to make....
--If you plead guilty as charged, you are accepting all of the "points" on your license for the particular offense,
      and thus you also risk an increase in your insurance premiums ...and a possible license suspension;
--You can try to negotiate a plea deal, with fewer points and thus a lessened risk of an insurance rate increase and license suspension, but, honestly....Do you know how to go about plea-bargaining a case on your own?
--You can go to trial ... But do you really know how to cross-examine a police officer?

Should you retain an attorney to handle your moving violation case? Simply put, it's just not very smart to represent yourself...You are being prosecuted by a  GOVERNMENT ATTORNEY...Why would you not want an attorney at YOUR side?  Let an experienced professional handle your case.
I have handled thousands of cases just like yours, and I have an excellent record of getting successful results.

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