"I know I said it already but thanks again. I understand how much you helped me and I will never forget it."  MD
​"Thanks for helping my son [a CU student] with his 2 arrests. He wound up performing 2 days of community service and BOTH cases were dismissed and sealed. Good work!"SK
"I especially realized in court how much I needed you by my side!" MD
​"After a very stressful motor vehicle accident, for which I was charged with multiple traffic offenses, Mr. Aaron negotiated a deal for just one point and a small fine. I was able to handle it by mail without appearing in court even once." DB
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Not only was my case dismissed, but you got the
prosecutor to waive my appearance...I didn't even have to show up in Court! 
Awesome!"  BP
"I was ready to take the DA's plea offer until [Mr. Aaron] advised me that their case was flawed; In the end, the DA agreed to dismiss 2 of the 3 [misdemeanor] charges and reduced the third to a petty offense and a $50 fine!" LC
"Thanks for all of your help. I could never have done it without you." AM (after the DA dismissed felony case for lack of legally competent evidence).


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