A criminal accusation is a serious matter. If convicted, a person may face such penalties as prison
                             incarceration, supervised probation, and large fines. He may be required to attend an alcohol or drug
                             program, or perform community service. 

                             A criminal conviction may burden a person for the rest of his life, affecting employment, education,
                             and licensing opportunities.

                             If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense, you need a lawyer with many years of
                             experience in the criminal justice system at your side.

                             With my 43 years of criminal law experience, I will thoroughly analyze your case, obtain
                             all relevant documents such as police reports, conference your case with the assigned prosecutor,
                             and zealously defend you in court.

                              In law, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE are essential. I have handled thousands of criminal cases
                              in my career. I am confident that I can achieve the best possible result in your case.
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